A mother’s Review Of Jumping Castles

Occupying youngsters during a party or barbecue could be a very difficult task; especially when they consist of different age groups.

However, after a bit of research for the best option for my kids, I discovered a bouncy castle would be a good try. I know the little terrors I have wouldn’t mind bouncing for several hours if they are so allowed. It’s great for fun and exercise.

One major downside of getting a bouncy castle for a party is the hassle and cost of hiring one for every event.

After pondering on the downsides for a while, I realized one could actually purchase a castle. This seems to be the best option, as the kids would have more frequent and extended access to the equipment. This option is relatively cheaper in the long run. So I bought the bouncy castle and will briefly share my experience here.

  Inflatable Bounce Castle with Slide 

I needed this castle for my little terrors – 3-year-old Peter, and Kyle who just clocked 6. When I got it, you could see the gratitude in their expressions with their faces all beaming with smiles. “Mum this is wonderful,” said Peter and I couldn’t agree more- it was indeed a masterpiece.

The first amazing thing about the inflatable bounce is its compact size. So no worries when the weather becomes unfavorable at any time – you could easily move it into your garage or basement. Also, you don’t need a big space in your yard before your kids could have fun.

Again it is spacious enough to accommodate three kids without them bumping into each other. However, I wasn’t so pleased with the opening at the entrance which was only held together with Velcro. Hence, perhaps a child pumps against it, he/she could trip off and sustain injuries. I had to place a mattress outside to prevent any unfortunate occurrence.

Another feature of the cheap jumping castle hire is that it is designed with a ‘blower’ and rapidly inflates. It is also easy to dismantle. The Bower is noise-proof and retains good air pressure even as children jump on the castle.

The price was relatively cheap – Far less than I could think of, for the design and make of the jumping castle. I have had no regrets for this great purchase.

Some vital Specifications

  • Maximum Players: 3
  • Dimensions: 12′ X 9′ and 7′ High
  • Maximum Weight: 250lbs
  • Inflation Time: 2 Minutes
  • The purchase comes with ground stakes, carry bag and UL blower motor

While I wanted my youngsters to express themselves and have fun with their bouncy castle fully, safety was a priority. Ensure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions and appoint a responsible adult for supervision.

I sincerely hope the review has been helpful.

Tired of spending money to hire a bouncy castle every time to keep the kids entertained? The best solution could be buying them one.